Wednesday, 26 February 2014

12 weeks, but still one more to go!

Well Lucy reached the 12 week mark of halo wearing but she's not having it taken off until next Monday. The good news is, this is definite, she had the first theatre spot booked for Monday morning.

Apparently, taking off the halo is not as bad as putting it on, phew. However, it is a long and uncomfortable process and in the case of children they prefer to do under a general anaesthetic. Lucy is fine with this, she doesn't like having a general anaesthetic, but who does? She is happy, however, that she will wake up without the halo. We are all really looking forward to it coming off. I'm looking forward to a cuddle with my girl.

We've just finished a week of half term here. This means Lucy has had her brother and sister around to keep her company. We tried to get out of the house and do some fun stuff, but we were limited. First up was a tript to the cinema on Saturday morning. We were there for the first showing at 10am and there were only three other families in the theatre. We watched Monsters University and all really enjoyed it. I wanted to go home for lunch, I do feel uncomfortable eating out with Lucy. Her dad says I'm being stupid, but in reality it can't be nice if you have to sit and eat your food opposite a child with a halo screwed into her skull, can it? I just remember my feelings when I first saw her in it, I felt sick. We can't forget that we are used to seeing it and it doesn't bother us anymore, for others it's more distressing.

I didn't win my argument and we went to Mc Donalds. We did, however, manage to find a quiet table right at the back of the restaurant. Yesterday we all had lunch in the hospital restaurant, I felt much more comfortable there!

Then on Tuesday we went to Toys R Us. This is a trip I've been promising the kids for a long time. They have been missing out on sweets and treats and saving up the money for a special treat. They managed to save £25 so I made it up to £45 so they could have £15 each. I was a little worried because there is so much in Toys R Us, and such a lot of expensive stuff. I really thought I'd have trouble on my hands as they rushed around the shop wanting everything in sight. It wasn't like that though, they were really good. The girls both wanted My Little Pony toys and Lucy really wanted the wedding castle. It came with two ponies, so I suggested that I bought it between them as it was £30. They agreed and were really happy with the idea.

We had to get to the shops by bus and again we had lots of stares, but also plenty of questions. I really prefer it when people ask what's wrong with her instead of just staring. Of course, after three months it's getting a little tiring explaining it over and over, but I'm still glad that we've been asked.

We didn't get to go out again. Lucy does find it really tiring, and we end up having very disturbed nights as her body catches up with the exercise she has taken. Thank heavens for Junior Ibuprofen and wheat bags, it's the best way to stop her pain.

She's had a lot of pain in her neck too which has been very worrying. We even had an impromptu visit to the hospital at one point when her screw came loose and I found blood in her hair. It was ok though, soon sorted. The pain seems to have eased in the last week though, so fingers crossed everything will be ok when the halo is taken off.

Just one more week to go...YAY!!

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  1. Glad you had a great time when you were out - think they all deserved a treat! And a rest at home is a great idea for half term anyway I think. Fingers crossed for next Monday, I can just imagine how tight that hug will be xxx


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