Sunday, 9 March 2014

Six Days Post Halo Removal

I thought I'd give a little update on how Lucy is doing now her halo has been removed.
It feels a little strange, like we have gone back in time. Back to the beginning, when Lucy was first fitted with a collar, when she couldn't eat, sleep or move properly. She's been in so much pain this week it makes my heart bleed for her. Her neck muscles must be so weak, she can barely hold her head up in the collar. If I take it off she's in agony.

It's still early days yet though and I'm hoping and praying for improvement. Currently she can't get in or out of bed alone or turn over in the night. She can't lie down without help. She's having trouble swallowing and is barely eating or drinking. She has bad headaches and the pain in her neck has her grimacing constantly.

She's still not complaining much though. I'm giving her regular painkillers and asking her if she's ok. She told me tonight that it's best when she's in bed. I've given her a big plump pillow which is what the consultant recommended. It gives her neck extra support and she is comfortable....until she needs to turn over.

I gave her a bath. It was wonderful to not have to wrap her up in bin bags first. She could actually sit in the water, although she needed help getting in and out of the bath. I took off her collar to wash her hair but it hurt so much it was a very quick wash. Also, I was wary of her wounds so I had to use baby shampoo, and not rub very hard.

I haven't yet removed the plasters off her forehead wounds, she won't let me. The wounds on the back of her head are looking ok though, nice and clean. Just one is a little bigger than the others, this is the one that gave her the most trouble while the halo was on. She complains that they are sore and itchy, but I've not seen her scratch them. Fingers crossed they will heal quickly.

pin wounds
Today she had another bath. She was a little more relaxed than the first time. I took her collar off for a little longer and she didn't complain so much. I noticed that she is not moving her neck, to turn she moves her shoulders. This is understandable, she's not used her neck for three months, it's bound to take time to work again. A little more worrying was that her head is once again in the cock robin position. she is not holding it straight. I keep reminding her to sit up straight, and hold her head straight, but it must be so hard for her. I just hope that as her muscles get stronger she will be able to hold herself straight again.

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