Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Not The Best News

Today we went to the hospital to get the results from Lucy's CT scan.
It wasn't good news. The bones have definitely slipped again, but much worse is that the bone has deteriorated quite a bit and no longer fits in with the rest of the spine so it will keep on slipping.

We have been told that Lucy will require an operation and possibly the halo will be returned.

Lucy's consultant will be discussing the CT scan with neurosurgeons at GOSH tomorrow and then will decide what the next step will be.

I don't have a picture of Lucy but I found this photo of scan which looks very similar. You can see the two bones at the top of the spine. One is square, the other is triangular. They should both be square. The one on the left of the picture has deteriorated changing the shape. This means the skull does not stay in position and tilts to the side.

photo credit: http://neuroradiologyonthenet.blogspot.co.uk/

A possible cause could be Rheumatoid Arthritis. Something I've suspected before.

I will be asking lots of questions, and pressing for our appointment with the rhuematologist.

It could be that the bone deteriorated because it was rubbing against the adjoining bones when they slipped out of place the first time. Will we ever know?

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