Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Three Weeks On

It's been three weeks since Lucy's second operation and she seems to be coping well. We still have the anaemia, the consultant told me to take her to the GP for regular blood tests and some iron supplement. She won't take the iron it makes her really sick, and it doesn't help her constipation. So we are going with a homeopathic remedy and lots of iron rich food, her current favourites are broccolli and Heinz Spaghetti Hoops (one of your five a day with extra iron! so the advert goes, and she saw it so she'd rather have Hoops every day!) We'll see how she goes.

She's getting a fair bit of pain in her neck, but it's still early days yet. There was some major stuff going on in there when they operated and it's going to take some time to heal. The scars are nice and clean and healing well, and her halo points are fine. We are really lucky that she manages to avoid infection. 

She gets tired a lot, although she's become more awkward at bedtime too. I think maybe she's uncomfortable and can't sleep properly. The heat lately hasn't been helping much, she's wearing a sheepskin vest all the time! Of course the anaemia can be a cause of tiredness too and can also cause itching, which she is getting a lot (And not just under the sheepskin vest)

I think that considering she's just three weeks post op. she is doing really well.

It's also nice that she now has a real nice team looking after her at the hospital. I really don't like to complain because I know they all do such a good job, but the last team that cared for her constantly made me feel as though she was a burden. If I called them because I was worried about something I was abruptly brushed off. Appointments were rushed and often I had to pester them for the next appointment because they hadn't made one for her. They didn't seem to take any of my fears or worries seriously and I often felt that had she had a brain tumor or something then they might be a little more interested in her, it was like a broken neck wasn't enough. 

Her new team are so much more considerate. The appointments are made regularly and we are never left waiting. When we go in they take their time to make sure she is really is ok and show that they are concerned. They ask me lots of questions and I never feel like I'm pestering them. They are all considerate from the highest consultant to the nurses on the team. I don't know why Lucy was switched from her old consultant team but I'm so glad that she was. 

healing wounds, this is the one where they took the bone graft. 


  1. ah now i understand the 'trendy haircut' comment you made at the time, i guess her head must be itchy too:( ...she is doing really well ...lets hope this new team are on the ball ;) I was told that coke helps bring the iron levels up ? not sure if that is correct? Caroline x

    1. she doesn't like fizzy pop Caroline! she's enjoying her daily broccolli, now if only she could have a pint of guinness ;)


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