Sunday, 24 August 2014

Almost one week later

It's Lucy's 9th Birthday :)
There have been times when I've worried that she wouldn't make it :(
But she has and is now out of danger and hopefully will recover well. She's already doing really great, last night she slept without a collar for the first time in over a year!

This time she had stitches in her pin wounds, she didn't last time, which I don't really understand, but then the halo was fitted by different consultants each time, maybe they have their own methods?

She only had four pins second time where she had eight the last. So now we have just four wounds to heal and they are in the same place as four of the last ones which is good (otherwise we'd be dealing with six scars)

Pin wounds on the forehead

I can see the scars from the old pin wounds alongside the new ones, but I'm not sure how noticeable they are to others.

Here is a photo of her scar as it is now. I think it may be time to try out some lotions to approve it's appearance.

It seems she can look further to the right than the left, but look carefully and you can see her shoulder are more twisted, so in fact the movement is about the same. So far, it's as the Dr's expected, her movement is 50 per cent that of a normal child. There may be further improvement in time, but it's unlikely.

Lucy still walks, plays and moves as if she is still wearing the halo. I suppose this is normal.

We still have so much to be thankful for, our little girl is still with us and no longer in danger. We are so lucky.

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