Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Today Lucy had her halo removed (again)
We arrived at the hospital at 8am, she went to theatre at around 9.15am and was back on the ward by 10.15am

She was drowsy for a while as the anaesthetic wore off. She'd been waking a little and asking if the halo had gone, then falling back to sleep. The she'd wake again and ask if the halo had gone. Finally when she woke up properly she expressed her joy at not having the halo anymore and said.
"At last, I'm FREE!"
Then she started crying, which made me cry.

She had a collar on but the consultant had told us that she needed to take it off as much as possible so she could strengthen her neck muscle which hadn't been used for two months. Two months! It's been over 12 months that she's been in a collar or halo, the consultant can't see past the current situation which was removing the halo after two months.

We took the collar off and Lucy exclaimed

"I'm normal again" 
Then she started crying again, which made me cry again.

Truly an emotional day.

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  1. My son just got his halo last Monday. So we've made it a week. 11 weeks to go.


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