Saturday, 8 November 2014

Back to School

Today, after being off sick for eleven months, Lucy went back to school.

She's now in year five. She only spent eight weeks in year four. She was already poorly with her neck when she started, her problems had started at the beginning of the summer holidays and she'd already had one spell in hospital and was visiting weekly for physio therapy.

Then early December 2013 she went into hospital again for a manipulation and was first fitted with the dreaded halo. 

She was provided with a home tutor, who has been lovely, and has kept up with the same work her former classmates were doing.

The halo was removed in March, but it hadn't worked.

In June Lucy was given surgery and her neck is now held together with metal plates and pins, and a bone graft. Again, the halo returned.

Just before her birthday in August the halo was removed again and we had our little girl back. She can now hold up her head by herself, although she has lost fifty percent of movement in it.

After talking with the school we came up with a plan to ease her back in gently, so she's going three mornings this week and if that goes ok she'll do five mornings next week. When she is ready she will go back full time.

This morning was very emotional. She was really scared and cried so much. None of my children have ever cried to go to school, even when they first started, so it was also really difficult for me. She still went though. We met a little girl who remembered her in the playground and then her teacher and everyone was really nice. When I picked her up just before lunch she was a lot happier.

I am so very very proud of my little girl. She didn't have to go back, she could have stayed with her home tutor until next year at least. She was very brave. She has always been brave. She's a true Star!

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