Sunday, 28 December 2014

Christmas 2014

Last Christmas Lucy had her manipulation early December and was in her first Halo for Christmas. We had hospital appointments every week, including Boxing Day where she had to have a scan.

This year was so different. Lucy was back at school, even though it's only part time at least she was able to take part in the Christmas music concert where she was on the stage with her class playing the ukulele. She decided against going to the school Christmas party because she was afraid that she may get hurt if the kids became a little rowdy.

I treated her to a lovely Classical Christmas concert at Symphony Hall on December 20th. She was great during the first half, but during the interval she spotted the ice cream lady. At £5 each for a small tub I couldn't let her have any (there were four of us and I'd left my card at home so only had what little cash I had in my purse, which I was saving for Mc Donalds afterwards) The lack of ice-cream brought on a sulk, and moan because my poor girl was STARVING! (It was only 3.30pm and she'd had a huge lunch!)

She soon got back into singing along with the Christmas Carols. I think maybe the whole concert was a little too long for her though, because by the end she was cramped up and her knees and ankles where hurting.

Then on 23rd December we went to see the play, The Tiger Who Came to Tea at the Town Hall. Again she was a little moody, but she was fine during the show, she even managed a dance and sing along.

Christmas Eve she went straight to sleep. I think if her sister hadn't been so tired she fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow, then Lucy may have kept her awake talking for a while. She didn't wake her though and was soon sleeping soundly herself. Right up until 5.30am!

She loved opening her presents, but as soon as she was done she was on the PC playing Elsword, her latest game addiction. She has been awkward to buy for this year, no Christmas list, no yelling at adverts 'Can I have that' no telling Father Christmas what she was a secret even from the big man himself. There was one Pokemon toy she had shown an interest in one day when we were shopping, I went back to buy it.

During the day she played with the Pokemon toy with her big brother for about 1/2 hour and Jenga with her sister for about 20 mins. She played with her little brother's playdough for a little while and she read one of her new books for around an hour. Everything else is still untouched, even her selection boxes and chocolate snowman.

Now, she is waiting to go back to school because she is bored!

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