Friday, 23 January 2015

Full Time School

It's Friday and Lucy has completed a week of full time school for the first time since November 2013. Actually it's probably longer because she was having regular hospital appointments, so the last time she had a full uninterrupted week of full time school was July 2013.

It hasn't been an easy week, but it could have been worse. She woke up every morning not wanting to go. We would have lots of tears and begging. It didn't help that she had developed a cold this week too. She wasn't  poorly enough to warrant a sick day but she still wasn't feeling well. It was hard but I had to be tough.

Monday wasn't too bad. She asked that Daddy would be there to take her to school as well. After her initial worries and tears she calmed down and went in bravely. She came home all smiles. We had a few more tears at bedtime but over all it wasn't a bad day.

Tuesday was not so good. There were many more tears and a complete refusal to get dressed. She went into complete meltdown and we had to give her half an hour to calm down. We don't really have half an hour to spare and we were late for school.

Wednesday we tried without Daddy. We had a meltdown as soon as she got up, mostly uncontrollable sobbing. Once she calmed down she was fine and even dressed herself and helped me make her lunch. Today we were early for school.

Thursday was the best day of the week. She was a little upset when I went to wake her but soon calmed down and we had a peaceful morning.

Friday was also going well but when I couldn't find her sister's shoes Lucy jumped on the computer while I was looking for them. I told her there was not time and we had to go to school right now and she went into meltdown resulting in us being later than we'd been all week.

Her teacher said she is doing well at school, she has had a few hiccups but nothing too bad. It's nice to see her smiling when we pick her up.

She is really enjoying her lunch. She didn't want school dinners so I am making up a lunch box for her. She chose the box herself and we made a list of the things she would like in it. We are keeping it really healthy and changing the food every day. She loves seeing what's in her lunchbox each day.

I have really missed her, I have really got used to having her at home so much. I've found this week really hard, I hate to see her upset and unable to control her emotions. I just hope that things get easier.



  1. School can be a difficult experience at the best of times. I hope that Lucy settles in soon and starts to enjoy it. Sending lots of positive vibes! #AmazingAchievements

  2. I'm so glad Lucy made it into school everyday. I'm sure the meltdowns weren't easy, well done to you all for getting through them and not letting them stop you. I hope school continues to go well.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)


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