Thursday, 22 September 2016

New School and Neurosurgery Appointment.

I am so far impressed with Lucy's new Secondary School. She was upset the first day attending but soon settled in and seems happy to go. Of course I have concerns about how she will get on but the school have been very proactive in putting things into place for her.

Today I have two calls from the school. The Inclusion Lead teacher wanted my permission for restricted P.E. I did tell them she had problems and may not be able to do P.E. lessons but I wanted to wait to see her Neuro Surgeon before telling them what she can and can't do. The school have already assessed her abilities and made special arrangements for her. I'm very impressed, and happy that my girl will be included in some P.E. lessons but not pushed to the point that she could be hurt.

The second call was from a lady from Place 2 Be which is a type of school counselling service. Lucy told me she had been attending. She has to request to an appointment by letter and has been doing this herself. Now the lady wants to speak to me to let me know of the things Lucy has been talking about and for my permission to refer her to counselling. It's nice to know that Lucy has somewhere to go and someone to talk to. she does get really anxious about a lot of things.

Today I also received a letter about her appointment with her neuro consultant that she saw last month. I didn't go to the appointment, I asked her Dad to take her because on previous visits I knew that you have to wait in a fairly small corridor and my wheelchair would be an obstruction.

The appointment went well and the letter outlines everything discussed. Lucy does have a spinal prominance at C6 C7. This means the back of her neck has a lump. The consultant explained this was due to the bone graft. Any pain she has should subside eventually and she can take pain relief if it gets too painful. Her scar has healed nicely and there are no problems there or with her CT Scan. So
good news really.

The letter also outlines everything she can and cannot do sport wise which is great for the school. I will make a copy and take it in to them, but they are already doing all they can so it will be just a case of medical evidence.

Everything seems to be falling into place. I just hope the counsellor doesn't have too many worries for me to deal with. Lucy seems quite happy anyway.

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