Tuesday, 18 October 2016

The Zebra at School

Lucy seems to be doing well at school. We have a little resistance to going some days, but she almost always comes out smiling which I think is a much better indication of how she's getting on.

A couple of weeks ago I had a call from the school saying could she be picked up from reception. It was almost the end of the day and Dad had already gone to collect her, he waits on the hill outside of the school. I couldn't get him on his mobile so I went out to the car (all by myself...wow!) and drove to the school where I found Dad and told him to go to reception. It was a bit of a risk as I knew I wouldn't be able to get out of the car to search for him, but he was easily visible.

So we picked her up and she was in agony with her stomach. The teacher thought she may be starting her 'monthlies' so had given her a pad.

We took her home and found that she had wet herself. She said it had happened shortly after the pain had started but she had not told the teacher.

We had an awful night with her, even after her Calpol Plus she didn't feel any better. We gave her a hot water bottle to cuddle which decreased her moaning a little for a while.

During the night she woke me and I had to go to the toilet with her. Her urine was dark and very smelly and she had a lot of pain on passing water. It was then I realised she was not about to start her monthly but had a water infection.

The next day we took her to an out of hours surgery where it was confirmed that she had a water infection and given anti-biotics to take. She still suffered all weekend, she didn't move from the settee where she cuddled her hot water bottle. It took days for the infection to clear and for Lucy to feel any better. She didn't go back to school until the following Thursday. She'd been better on the Wednesday but was incredibly stressed about going to school so we let her have the day off. On Thursday she was happy to go back. Sometimes you have to listen to your child, she may have been feeling better from her illness on Wednesday but she wasn't feeling well enough for school and would probably had an awful day. Plus she was still having problems with going to the toilet and point blank refuses to use the school toilets.

What is it with school toilets, no-one likes to use them? I used to hate it because the girls at my school always smoked in there and it stank. I don't think they'd get away with smoking in the loos these days!

Lucy has been ok since she's been back at school.

I am dreading the day she does start her 'monthlies.' I can't imagine it at the moment. She does wear pads already but they are incontinence pads. It's going to get very messy if she's still incontinent when she starts her period too. Sorry TMI.

I always found that my joints became more lax during my period. My knees and ankles would sublux all the time, so I really hope that Lucy doesn't have the same problem.

In other news... Lucy has an appointment with her psychologist next month. She's looking forward to it because her dr is a really nice lady (with an incredibly difficult name to pronounce but I've got it now, well, we've been seeing her for five years!)

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