Friday, 16 March 2018

A Catch Up

Sorry I've not updated for so long. I really must keep up with this as it has been a great help in the past for me to have every logged in one place that can easily be found.

I have a shoebox full of letter, hospital appointments, assessments, diagnosis' everything in one place. But sorting through it can be a pain, and it's not a very detailed review of everything.

There is so much that has happened since last summer when I made my last post.

I've recorded some things on my main blog  so I can point to some posts I've made there.

Lucy is getting on well at school but the only thing holding her back is her attendance. It's not awful, but it's not good either. It can't be helped, she has a lot of health issues. Here is a post I wrote about her being in Mainstream School.

Here is a post about her Elhers Danlos Syndrome for Rare diseases Day. She had genetic testing done last year which showed that she didn't have any genetic disease that would affect her heart. We have yet to speak to anyone about the results but it does seem to rule out Loey Dietz Syndrome but she could still have Marfan Sydrome.

She had a visit to her neuro consultant about her neck and without even examining her he said she looked fine and would see her next year. I guess he's only there in case something does go wrong, and everything does seem to be going well.

She has developed a clicky jaw though, sometimes it locks in place. The Dr said he could feel some inflammation in the joint and she has been referred to a maxillo facial consultant as she may have Temporo mandibular joint issues. My eldest daughter had the same at the same age, isn't that weird? My eldest went to the hospital every month for a year but they never really did anything that helped her and she still has issues now!

We are still having bowel issues, I don't want to go into too much detail but at least we have a better understanding of what is going on, and there is help available, it's just taking a very long time to get it sorted.

This week she had a treat at school for best behaviour and won an afternoon of Harry Potter film and pizza, how lovely is that!

I'll be writing more frequently from now on, not only do I wish to record Lucy's progress with her TMJ, but The Little Man is now having issues and I'd like to record what is happening to see if we can get him some help. More about that later.

Thanks for reading x

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