Wednesday, 9 December 2020

Could it be A sign of IBD?

 Last week I took L to see a new gastroentrologist at the Children's hospital. She's had gastro problems since birth and we've seen Drs and Nurses and tried all sorts of treatments with very little success. Now, she is getting older they seem to be taking her issues more seriously.

A few weeks ago we had a whole three weeks of an upset stomach, which in turn means an upset L and and an upset Mum. We were struggling and couldn't get it under control. I phoned the Dr and samples of blood and  feces were sent off for analysis.


Calprotectin has never been mentioned before, but there were moderate amounts found in L's samples. It helps to differentiate between Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Irritable Bowl Disease. The cut off point is generally 200, and the cause for worry is >250. L's was 248.
The Dr took another sample to check that to see if it was just a one off inflammation, or if it is still elevated. 

At 15, L is the right age to start showing signs of IBD so fingers crossed it's just an inflammation. 
Sadly, with the problems being long lasting, it probably is an indication that something isn't working as it should, and it never has. 


I was so pleased that we didn't come away with a dis-impaction plan. We had done so many of these over the years it really isn't pleasant and it has never worked anyway. But, the plan was a little different. L has been prescribed Loperamide to stop the diarrhoea and senna as a laxative. 

I was a bit stunned at first, why take two conflicting medications? But the answer is quite simple really. The Immodium will make the stools harder, but the senna will prevent constipation. The result should be  normal looking stools. It's been five days on this medication and we've had no success at all. In fact, not last night but the night before I was up at 1am with L while she was stuck on the toilet. 

 We will keep trying, she does seem to be getting more firmer stools. 
All I want for Christmas is a nice poo! 

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